• Ctrl-S
    Sort dialog allows you to sort data by single or multiple fields.

    Sort dialog

  • If you want sort a database by a single field, then select "field" in the combo-box and click "Sort by one field".

  • If you want sort a database by several fields, then enter the field's names, delimited with semicolons in the edit and click "Sort by several field".
    As well, you can choose fields in the combo-box and add them to edit with the help of the button "Add".

  • Ascending
    Sorts forwards, i.e. A to Z, the smallest to the largest, oldest to youngest.

  • Descending
    Sorts backwards, i.e. Z to A, the largest to the smallest, youngest to oldest.

  • Ignore case
    Check this option if you want case-sensitive sorting, i.e. A = a, Z = z.