Main window

  • Main window of CDBF contains a few basic elements:
    • Main menu
    • ToolBar
    • Labelbar
    • Information window
    • Status bar

    Main window

  • Main menu contain a huge number of different commands.

  • Toolbar contains the most important commands.

  • Labelbar allows you to switch between opened files. Besides, a right-click on the labelbar opens the menu with some useful commands.

  • Information window contains the current database. The following features are available here:
    • Click on the left column deletes or recalls a record.
    • Right-click on the left column marks a record.
      Then you can make a few actions with these records. (Export, Sum, Delete, Recall, etc).
    • It's possible to select a few cells in the database using Shift+Arrows.
      Then you can make a few actions with these cells: copy, cut or delete them.
      You can paste copied cells in another location or in other programs, such as Excel.

  • Status bar contains a hint, information about the current record and field and progress bar.