Menu File

  • Open
    Ctrl-O, F3
    Opens an existing database. You can open multiple databases at once. If the database is already open, CDBF will bring its window up.

  • Recent files
    Shows the list of recently opened files.

  • Close
    Closes an opened database.

  • Create
    Ctrl-N, Ctrl-F3
    Creates a new database.

  • Modify structure
    Modify structure of an opened database.

  • Refresh
    Checks record count, repaints main window, re-filters and re-sorts the database.

  • Save as
    It works like "Export", but it uses default settings and asks you nothing. It allows you to save a current database in differents formats quickly.

  • Fields Info
    Shows information about fields of the database and allows you to edit headers of columns (aliases).

  • Database Info
    Shows information about current database.

  • Save setup
    Saves setting of columns, calculated fields and modes of the database: aliases, reverse mode

  • Print
    Prints a database.

  • Exit
    Alt-X, Alt-F4
    Exits from CDBF.