Modify Structure

  • Ctrl-F4
    This command allows you to modify structure of the database.

    You can edit the names, the types, the size of fields, change the order of fields, delete fields and add new fields. When you have finished, select "Ok" button.

    CDBF is able to create a database of the following formats:

    • dBase III
    • dBase IV
    • FoxPro
    • Visual FoxPro
    • dBase Level 7
    It's possible to choose a type of the database in the combo-box in this dialog.

  • When you choose the "Visual FoxPro" type, then you can choose a type of field "DateTime":
    • "Old", ASCII, width is equal to 14 bytes
    • "New", Binary, width is equal to 8 bytes

  • If your database has memo-fields, then you can set a Blocksize for the memo-fields. Recomended values 64-128-256-512-1024-2048.
    For type "dBase III" this value always is equal to 512 bytes.

  • CDBF allows you to set an optimal width for Character fields. It means that CDBF will calcutate the maximum length of information in a field and offer you this value. Then you can change it anyhow. Besides, you can limit a minimal width of a field.

  • You can save the structure in an external DBF-file and then load this structure.

  • Keyboard
    Ctrl-NDelete all fields
    Ctrl-SSave structure
    Ctrl-OLoad structure
    Alt+ArrowsMove fields
    InsertInsert field
    DeleteDelete field