Create new table

  • Ctrl-N, Ctrl-F3
    This command allows you to create the new database.

    Edit the names, the types and widths of fields and select "Ok" for creation of database.
    CDBF is able to create a database of the following formats:

    • dBase III
    • dBase IV
    • FoxPro
    • Visual FoxPro
    • dBase Level 7
    It's possible to choose a type of the database in the combo-box in this dialog.

  • When you choose the "Visual FoxPro" type, then you can choose a type of field "DateTime":
    • "Old", ASCII, width is equal to 14 bytes
    • "New", Binary, width is equal to 8 bytes

  • If your database has memo-fields, then you can set a Blocksize for memo-fields. Recomended values 64-128-256-512-1024-2048.
    For type "dBase III" this value always is equal to 512 bytes.

  • You can save the structure in an external DBF-file and then load this structure.

  • Keyboard
    Ctrl-NDelete all fields
    Ctrl-SSave structure
    Ctrl-OLoad structure
    Alt+ArrowsMove fields
    InsertInsert field
    DeleteDelete field