Main Window CDBF Script

The main window of the program has well-known Windows elements:

  • Main Menu

    allows you to perform all the commands of the program.

  • Toolbar

    allows you to perform the most important commands of the program.

  • Status bar

    displays a name of the current file, modification of the current file, the current program language, duration of execution of the script.

and several program-specific elements:
  • Editbox

    contains a text of a script. It is a usual text editor with syntax highlighting.

  • DBF functions list

    contains a list of functions for working with dbf files.
    When you select a function then you can see a brief help about it and a sample of usage.

  • Script functions and classes

    contains a tree of classes, functions and variables which are available in a script.

  • Log window

    contains output information from your script.