Data types

Internally DBF Script operates with the Variant type and is based on it.
Nevertheless, you can use the following predetermined types in your scripts:
Byte      | Same as Integer type
Word      |
Integer   |
Longint   |
Cardinal  |
TColor    |

Boolean   | Boolean type

Real      | Same as Extended type
Single    |
Double    |
Extended  |
TDate     |
TTime     |
TDateTime |

Char      | Char type

String    | String type

Variant   | Same as Variant type
Pointer   |

Array     | Array type

C++Script maps some types to standard types:

int, long = Integer
void = Integer
bool = Boolean
float = Extended

JScript has no types, all types are variants. BasicScript may have types (for example, dim i as Integer), or may have no types and even no variable declaration. In this case a variable will have Variant type.

Not all of these types can be assign-compatible. Like in Object Pascal, you can't assign Extended or String to an Integer. Only one type - the Variant - can be assigned to all the types and can get value from any type. Except the built-in types you can use the enumerated types defined in your application or in add-in modules (for example after adding the TfsGraphicsRTTI component you can use TPenMode, TFontStyles and other types).