BOOL prepareNewTable(cdbfapiPlus* handle, int fileType);

Function prepareNewTable() prepares internal structures for creating a new table.
The simple version of this function accepts a file type, and the extended version allows you to define size of memo fields and provide a name of driver (for dbaseLevel7 only).

BOOL prepareNewTableX(cdbfapiPlus* handle, int fileType, int memoSize, char *driver);

// if (prepareNewTableX(dbf, 5, 1024, "dBase7driver"))
if (prepareNewTable(dbf, 0))
    addField(dbf, "ID", 'N', 10);
    addField(dbf, "NAME", 'C', 20);
    addField(dbf, "BIRTH", 'D', 8);
    addFieldX(dbf, "WEIGHT", 'N', 10, 2);

    // if (createAndOpenTable(dbf, "testfile.dbf")) 
    if (createTable(dbf, "testfile.dbf"))