- (BOOL) createTable: (NSString*) filename;

Function createTable() creates a new table. You have to prepare the structure with prepareNewTable and addField.
Another function allows you to create and open the table right away after creation.

- (BOOL) createAndOpenTable: (NSString*) filename;

// if ([dbf prepareNewTable:5 memoSize:512 driver:@"dBase7driver"])
if ([dbf prepareNewTable:0])
    [dbf addField:@"ID" fieldType:'N' length:10];
    [dbf addField:@"NAME" fieldType:'C' length:20];
    [dbf addField:@"BIRTH" fieldType:'D' length:8];
    [dbf addField:@"WEIGHT" fieldType:'N' length:10 decimal:2];

    // if ([dbf createAndOpenTable:@"testfile.dbf"])
    if ([dbf createTable:@"testfile.dbf"])