The Sentences

The program "Sentences" allows users to have a database of various sentences in any language, and provides easy use of them.

Generally speaking, it is an original dictionary of the typical sentences (or expressions), although you can use it for storage of separate words also.

Why make this program? We are often using sample sentences in oral and written speech. This program allows users to considerably reduce the amount of time of the creation of a text using these patterns. You simply select the necessary sentence, and copy it into the clipboard for use in other programs.

You can fill up a database with new sentences, and change or delete them. You can set an icon for each sentence, and for each phrase. These icons will help you to distinguish between different types of sentences. The program allows you to create new databases.


File Version Size
The Sentences (with installation) 1.00 85Kb
The Sentences (without installation) 1.00 85Kb
Database with abbreviations - 1Kb
English - French dictionary - 34Kb
English - German dictionary - 104Kb
English - Spanish dictionary - 76Kb
English - Portuguese dictionary - 14Kb
English - Italian dictionary - 54Kb
English - Russian dictionary - 300Kb
English - Indian dictionary - 300Kb

The Sentence main window


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