Red Button

Red Button is a very useful system tool that provides quick access to many of your computer's controls.
You can display it in one of two window sizes or you can use it as a system-tray icon.
The window can be dragged to any convenient area of the screen for easy usage.
Red Button allows you to restart your computer or just restart Windows.
You can access any of the icons from your Control Panel directly or open your Control Panel from the pull-down menu.
You can also access your Task Manager and kill any unwanted running programs.
You can also run a command-line program or start any screen saver quickly from the menu.
If you forget a password, function 'Spy' of RedButton will help you remember it.
Red Button allows you to minimize, maximize or restore other windows.
Besides, you can use the powerful calculator with support of different mathematical functions.


File Version Size
Red Button (with installation) 2.10 32Kb
Red Button (without installation) 2.10 32Kb

Red Button Red Button main window


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