Archive Converter

The ACVT program (Archive Converter) is a converter of archives. The program supports practically any archives types, if, certainly, you have appropriate, archivers. The type of the necessary archive is set by the user, in rest rely on the ACVT program. ACVT extracts files from the source archive and packs them into the new archive, removing the original archive provided the output archive was successfully created. To adjust the program you can in the file of a configuration. ACVT can make descriptions for archivers also.


File Version Size
ACVT for Windows 1.30 48Kb
ACVT for DOS (16bit) 1.30 39Kb
ACVT for DOS (32bit) 1.30 55Kb
ACVT for OS/2 (16bit) 1.30 34Kb
ACVT for OS/2 (32bit) 1.30 38Kb

It's unsupported freeware program.