How to convert dbf file to XML format

DBF to XML Converter allows you to convert one or move dbf files to XML format.

There are
DBF to XML Converter for Windows
DBF to XML Converter for OS X

Both converters can work:
- as a standalone application
- as a command line tool

You have to select one or more source dbf files, choose the output file or folder, and there are various options to customise the output file.
You can export structure and data and choose how the output file looks.

The same parameters are available in the command line interface.
It allows you to run the program with predefined parameters manually or using scheduler to automatize routine work.

For example:

dbf2xml.exe c:\source\file.dbf -output=d:\target\ -batch -type=pretty ./source/file.dbf -output=./target/ -batch -date=mm.dd.yyyy