How to convert dbf file to Excel format

There are several ways to convert dbf files to Excel format. Every tool has some advantages.

DBF Viewer/Editor can filter the dbf file, you can hide some fields and re-order them.
Finally you export data to Excel.
You perform all operations using the graphic user interface.

DBF to XLS Converter can work as a wizard:
you select one or more source files, the output file or folder, and there are several options to customise the output file.
or you can use command line interface:
it allows you to run the program with predefined parameters manually or using scheduler to automatise routine work.

For example (Windows and OSX):

dbf2xls.exe c:\source\file.dbf -output=d:\target\ -batch -type=xlsx /users/owner/file.dbf -output=./target/ -batch -type=xlsx