Differences between CDBF for Windows and other console versions

  • Ctrl+.
    In the Windows version use '.' on the main keyboard.
    In the other versions use '.' on the number pad.

  • Database info dialog
    In the Windows version clicking OK copies information to the clipboard.
    In the other versions clicking OK writes information to a text file.

  • Menu Edit, commands "Cut", "Copy", "Paste", "Delete"
    The Windows version uses the system clipboard.
    The other versions use an internal clipboard.

  • Menu Help, command "Internet Homepage"
    The Windows version lets you use your default web browser to view the CDBF homepage.
    The other versions only show information about the CDBF homepage.

  • Menu Help, command "Email support"
    The Windows version lets you send a message to our support team using your default e-mail client.
    The other versions only show our e-mail address.

  • Export to HTML, XML
    In the Windows version, at the end of Export, CDBF displays the resulting HTML file with your default web browser.
    In the other versions, at the end of Export, CDBF displays a text version of the HTML file.

  • Switching between files
    Ctrl-Tab works anywhere.
    Use Ctrl-Shift-Tab in Windows and DOS versions.
    Use Alt-Tab in Linux version.

  • Alt-F1..Alt-F12
    Does not work in Linux version. It is OS-dependent limitation.