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Different small programs


Super-clock: a text-mode clock
Uninstaller lite for Ghost Installer
Simple BackUp Utility.
The simpliest program that converts html files to txt format.
Do you program in DOS? It could be useful to you. Displays coordinates for a selected region.
Sets date/time of files from command line
Converts pseudographics to ASCII during printing.
Clipboard extender. Allows to use Copy/Paste for a selected region in full screen mode.
Wallpaper changer..BMP and .JPG files are allowed.
The program changes a string in screensaver "creeping line".
Saves names of running programs and all STDOUT to a file.
Beautiful program that displays and cnange date/time.
Replacement of the command NET USE.
Closes specified programs from the command line.
Small Windows program: replacement of Start-Run.
Fix 2000 year problem.
Resident editor.
FIDO program. Golded city viewer and other mail-readers. Displays city of an author of a message.
Big file creator.
Changing fonts used in DOS-session in EGA3.CPI in Windows 9x.
Converts *.IHP files of Watcom 11.0 to *.NG.
Converts OEM-ANSI
Date to String.

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