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Excel Library

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Excel Library

Excel Library

XLS Library allow you to read and write Excel files without any additional tools

Excel library for developers can read and write Excel files. It does not require Microsoft Excel and combines an easy to use and powerful features. Library can be used to

  • Generate a new spreadsheet from scratch
  • Extract data from an existing spreadsheet
  • Edit an existing spreadsheet
LibXL can help your applications in exporting and extracting data to/from Excel files with minimum effort. Also it can be used ever as report engine. Library can be used in C, C++, C#, Delphi, Fortran and other languages. Supports Excel 97-2003 binary formats (xls) and Excel 2007/2010 xml formats (xlsx). Supports Unicode and 64-bit platforms. There are a wrapper for .NET developers and separate Mac and Linux edition.

LibXL has C/C++ headers, Delphi unit and .NET assembly for including in your project. No OLE automation.

LibXL supports numerous formatting options: alignments, borders, colors, fill patterns, fonts, merging cells and so on.

High performance:
Writing speed is about 2 100 000 cells per second for numbers and 240 000 cells per second for 8-character random strings in binary format (CPU 3.2 GHz).

Download Excel library for Windows, 3.6.0, 2015-01-01

Download Excel library for Linux, 3.6.0, 2015-01-01

Download Excel library for Mac, 3.6.0, 2015-01-01

Purchase Excel Library
License for Windows - $199.00
Per developer license. Included 32-bit and 64-bit versions, .NET wrapper.
License for Linux - $199.00
Per developer license. Included 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
License for Mac - $199.00
Per developer license. Universal binary for 10.4.x and above.

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